Will you marry me?

1st July : Location : Library

Will you marry me?

Well I guess that's what he said when he proposed my grandmama.
If you read my old posts, I did mentioned that my grandmama was getting married =).
Now both of them sudah selamat "diijabkaulkan" buat kali ke, err, 2? I guess.
So anyway, hahaha funny things happened when I was at the mosque waiting for the " bride and groom ".
Me dada ask my lil brother, Muhammad, who's actually 11 years old to move his car.
I thought he was just bluffing, but my lil brother really did get in the car with the car keys in his hand, and started to hidupkan enjin kereta =.='
Then came my brother, Fendy, konon nak tolong Muhammad la kirenyer ni.
Then I was like " Maybe I should join them" && I did. Hahaha.
I duduk kat driver's seat, and heee xDD, " Let's go! " <-- dalam hati lah.
LOL xD, semangat giler, I tak perasan appe yang I pijak, terus reverse macam orang gila.
Haha, kecoh giler vavi masjid tuh.
Luckily we didnt get ourselves killed.
Aaaanyway, the bride and the groom arrived, and I get to meet my lovely cousinsss, from Qatar and Malaysia.
Khairyy dah balik Malaysia wouuu. Muke nak machoooo je , tak paham aku ~.~

My new gramps. Looks like duit raye bertambah weeee xD~

&& there's this time in Masjid where diorang ckp ade seorang makcik with tudung hitam ni curi candy.
Haha. I was like " where? where? " && when they finally pointed out the suspect, I pun berlari laaa depan makcik tu nak pergi snap pic die.
Hee =D.

Case : The stolen candies
Primary suspect's name : Unknown
Hint/ Prove by witness : Black tudung

But turns out, I got, no wait, we got the wrong makcik. LOL -.-

Anyway,when out to watch Transformer II a day after.
Hahaha. It was awesome, like everyone's been telling.
Much more better than the 1st one.
Lol, " say my name , say my name " hahhaa who remembers that line? Im sure you do Baby! xD

Then go gai gai for a bit, balik rumah, went straight upstair and bumbum. Haaaa penat >.<.

A day after that, 30th June, I was waken up by Baby, ughh dang it, Im still effin tiredddd .
But since she's going to her class and Im going back to my house so I guess I'll just tag along.
Okay, I went to their house unprepared. We didnt plan to go to their house right after my gramps wedding.
So I didnt brought any clothes to wear.
I had to wear theirs, && turns out it was TOO BIG for me -.-'
Lastly, I was fed up and just put on their sweater and seluar sukan.
God I looked like somekind of overgrown idiot.
But I that's what I am anyway.

So in the commuter, there was this one chinese guy.
& from my view, he looks extremely interesting to watch.
Red hair, sleeveless, && flowery purple baggy pants.
He was getting attention from everyone there.
Ughh btw Im so freaking hungry by that time.
Didnt even have the time nak buat Miloooo punnnn =((

Anyway, arriving at the bus station at my place,
I saw another sad and lonely soul who craves for attention more than I could ever be.
An overgrown man singing his lungs out at the bus station.
&& yeah surely everyone was looking at him.
He was interesting to watch, until he just had to pick his nose and rub his ass in front of everyone.
Kinda feel sorry for him.

I took this picture out of pity , Im ashamed of myself.. *sigh* -.-'

Back home && I wait no further than bashed the door to Anne's room && finally fall asleep.
I woke up around 6PM , just in time not to die from hunger.
I was hella hungry , good thing there's a delicious chicken curry that momma cooked when I was sleeping.
I guess Food plays an important role in my life. Here henceforth I will declare that my motto will be "Kim + Food = Complete Kim".

Firstly, I would like to take this chance to thank God for giving me this opportunity to be here today.
&& also my beloved Chicken Curry and my little 3 boxes of Rocky.
Without their support, I will never be the girl I am today.
I want to thank them with all my heart. Without them there wont be all there is to me. Without them, I'd be skinny as my friend, Tazu or those skinny models that I dont think I'll ever wanna be like.
&& lastly I am honored to say this. Kim + Food = Complete Kim =)
&&&&&&&& Im off to watch Mushishi , weeee~lalallalalaaa


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