My First Traveling Adventure =D, Alone

10 June 2009

Its about 3 am and I STILL belum bumbum(sleep) lagi.
Im getting ready to spend a few days at Natsuki's house.
She's my BFF weyhh, and also a part of my perv freak friend.
Campur Baby ( my SUPERDUPERCUTECOUSIN ) we've made the complete Tara-Chan's Trio.
So time tengah pack2 stuffs then suddenly Jerry called.
Awww i suke his voice ok.
Then storymorry *private, long story pendek, dah pukul 5 lebih weyh.
And Kak Long was like, ' Hey are u going or not? I have class pukul 8 ok! '
So I pun rush masuk bathroom and bawak Jerry (on the phone ok ) sekali.
Then after finish mandi keluar2 dapat tau Kak Long dah pergiii :((( T.T
Time tuh macam, ' What should Iii dooo?'
Then Kak Long text me and cakap she doesnt wanna be late for her class so she go kejar komuter first.
Then dah pack2, masuk bilik Kak Long and lepaking then nap kejap, pastu momma called tell me to have a breakfast.
I no want makan that time because perut cam lain =.='
So aaaanyway, momma drove me to the bus station and bagi duit and tell me to be careful and tengok bus dari mane ke mane then banyak lagi ok -i banyak kali sesat time naik bus so yeah always kene remind =.=' . what a painnnn.

-OTW TO KL-*adventure music background*

This is the very first time im traveling alone.
Takut ok, jauh pulaaak.
Time dalam lrt, sorry i mean komuter, sesak cam dalam tin sardin ouhh.
And then there's this guy who sit right next to me, speaking not-from-this-world language, yeah because he was like 'aleghuystfgkfhayjiik' talking to himself and tengah hidu gam pulaaak.
At that moment I was like, ' whyyy meeeeeeeee? ' =.='
Then whateverlah I terfall asleep.
Nasib baik weyhh Natsuki called, if not, I dah sampai Rawang dah =.='

So sampai main main tukar monorel & lrt sume, naik taxi ke rumah Natsuki.
wait wait, before that, I naik taxi, driver die baik ok.
name uncle tuhh SYAMRI BIN MUSTAFA cam tu lah lebih kurang.
dah jadi pemandu taxi for like 5 to 6 years. ahaha.
Then pusing2 taman cari rumah Natsuki, sesaaaaat =.='
pastu uncle tu dah penat i pun cadangla suruh drop mane2 i jalan kaki cari.
Hohohoho, rajin lah sgt, then tnye jalan kat sorang auntie tgh sidai kain.
' Auntie2, jalan ******* ** mane? ' then she told meh to go to the main road nanti nampak.
I was like, JAUH GILER?!!
well anyway jalan la jugak then lalu depan rumah my aunt, ehem. time ni jalan laju sebab tamo diorang nampak.
Nekiys and Syakirah or whoever involved, if u're reading this, senyap2 sudehhhh.

Then AKHIRNYA * lagu Anita Sarawak bergema in my brain * I jumpe gakkk rumah Natsuki.
Hohoho, rase cam nak berlari lari anak jumpe Natsu, tapi time tuh dah penat so jalan je la.
Then terus tukar baju go to KLCC jumpe her daddy.
Time tuh naik taxi ni, the driver is an Indian man.
Very handsome la, name uncle tuhh, ermmm. ermmmmmm. ermmmmm Ta something something.
Sorrrrry uncle i DONT remember!
but the conversation we had, best ok. unlike any other taxi driver, that uncle is so cool.
and he has work as a taxi driver for more than 20 years dude, 20 FREAKING YEARS!
I wasnt even born yet at that time.

Me and Natsuki arrived at KLCC and then we met her daddy.
He gave Natsu some money and then i go gai2 alone because Natsu have to go to work.
I was sooo bored exploring the WHOLE KLCC alone so I text some people.
The first person that I text was Baby. She's in class at that time but whatever, I know she's glad that she got my message, aite Baby? I know u're reading this!
Anyway, then I text Nick and Zul and Jerry but all was away except for Jerry lah.
Then after a while, me and Jerry met in front of Auntie's Anne, hohoho, that time , a guy from the chocolate shop was speaking chinese to meh.
Macamlaaa aku paham weyhh =.='
Moving onnnn~ Jerry and I go jalan2 then he has to go see his friend.
Then im left alone, again. Luckily Fazz , Natsu's bf nak datang that time so he text me, and I pun tungu punye tunggu, like freaking lame ok!
Fazz, imagine how many times I have to wait for ya! & lame pulaakk =.='
U O Me big TIME mister. lol =D
Borak2 with Fazz, awww rindu die sebab lame tak ketemu, then Natsuki join us.
& of course, all the hugging and kissing starts, sweeeeet si-uuuuuuut~
Im jealous weyhh, but Im happy Im single anyway.HOHO

After that we go makan. Ushhhhh, effin lapar because dari pagi tak makan.
itupun before Natsu pergi keje I PAU duit sikit from her then beli sebiji apple.
The funny thing is, I've never beli apple before, so bile beli, i dont know kene timbang then bayar.
I was like '' straight to the counter! ''.. then bile nak bayar orang tu cakap, " adik, go timbang first ".
& I pun, " Owh weally? okay ^^! "
=_______________________________________________='... I knowww.
So dah timbang and bayar and all I pun terus ngapp itu apple, but then its too big so I tak habis makan .

So anyway, makan KFC with Natsu and Fazz then Alan join us.
Muke die sweeet, then makan2 cam nak muntah and all, Baby datangggg.
Then terus peluk cium die because lame tak jumpe cousin kesayangan I ni weyhhh. Rinduuuuuhuhuhuuhuuu.~(//_^))~~
Teman die makan spaghetti kat food court then cite2 about her boyfriend, Syafiqqq. Eh salah, Syafiq, not triple 'q'. orang lain dah tu, Her first bf ouhhh so I was really weally meally happyyy heee =DD.
&& we all lepak~ing dekat food court, woaaah, storrystorry until keluar air mate.
We talk a lot, about friends, relatives, hentai *hoho* and many more. LOL XD

Anyway we go to Baskin RObins and makan Ice Cream then mak ngah call suruh Baby balik, then we all send her to the LRT Station and me, Fazz and Natsu go to the park, I dont know what Natsu and Fazz were talking about because I tertido kat taman tuhh, then I terjaga, we all pun balik.
And nampak katil I terus pengsan =.='
*long sigh* thaaaaaaaaaaaat's pretty much how my 1st day of adventure in KL go by =)

11th June until 13th June, Location : Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

Days goes by, and I've been in here for like, 4 days now.
Natsu has been reaaaaaaaally nice to me, I gotta pay her someday. No, I WILL pay her someday.
Any guy who got a hold of this girl, dont ever let her go, treat her well ok! Because if you break her heart, Imma kill you in a heartbeat =) *winkwink:D*
HAAAA!! I suddenly remember the Indian Taxi driver's name, his name is Thanalingham! YAY! *claps*.
OK so anyway, we go to Kak Ngah's house then masuk je rumah, her family's dog dah cium cium kasut, haiyaa, reminds me a lot of our family's dog, PinPon.
Where are thou, PinPon? IMY :((((
And Tomoko and Tomoki, our cats.

Owh this makes me wanna tell you a story. *back to the past* -background music ' sheensheensheeeen'-starrry environment.

I have this one very cute kitty, I named her Chappy =].
At first, I thought she was like an ordinary cat, but then since she was still a baby, she should be scared of our older cats, named Chot and Cheemok.
But when Chot and Cheemok pass by and was like " KheeeKheee, u're in my territoryyyy~~ " at Chappy, she was " ........ ".
Then I just jump to conclusion, " Chappy ni, blind or autism? " it was just a joke at that time actually, but then it was really true, she's blind.
So we all macam sayang die giler vavi ok, and everynight I have to wake up around 5 am to panaskan Chappy's susu and bagi die minum.
Cuteeee ok, because she drinks through bottle yang kecik2 tuh, for small animals ,we got it specially for her.
Then a few extremely happy weeks we spend with her, one night she came to me and sleep at my neck, dah jadi macam bowl shape.
And then pagi pagi she was still there, but she didnt ask for her susu, or otherwise she'll go like " miawwwmiaaawwwmiaaaaw khaaamiaaw " like that la.
Then I put her aside because Faris, ( my handsome EX bf ) called and nak jumpe.
Weyhhh Faris, janji nak bawak I pergi tengok wayang!! >.< what la this guy. haishhh =.=' Anyway, Faris makin lame makin handsome because rambut and muke dah macam Korea Cina sikit.
My jantung pun dah like *dumdumdum* hahhaa, and so talked for a few hours then die balik and I pun masuk rumah. Then suddenly I was thinking about Chappy, I go to the kitchen and make some milk for her to drink. After that, I tried to find her but I didnt find her.
Suddenly when I nak duduk at the sofa, bawah meja tuh lie Chappy, all blue and badan dah sejuuuuuuk.
At that time I was like " MOMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA " and my momma rush to me, all sad and almost nak cry because we all know that she cant make it.
I dont know what to do, I texted Faris and he kinda like calm me down for a bit.
And then, we know what happened, she died. Me and my momma buried her near our garden, where *ehem* pretty much all of our cats were buried.
Yeah we used to got more than 14 of them and some got sick, some dah sedekah-sedekah pada orang and some dah missing, if not, everytime nak makan my belakang rumah dah macam CATS RESTAURANT, because kucing jiran pun tumpang makan sekali =________________________________='.

Chappy , in memory && Chot =)

And that's about Chappy, she dah befriended Chot and Cheemok, and deepdown, I know Chot and Cheemok sedih, aite aite? Y.Y. chett, macam laaaa aku tahu eyk.
After that, at night Lucas called, heee xp, he's my bf, at that time la and I told him what happened. He said something really sweeeeeeeetZZLE!*private* hoho =]]

Okay so * back to the present *
Had lunch at Kak Ngah's house, mummy masak, woaaah sedap ok, I should learn from her! AHAHA =]]
And my momma and sister called tanya pukul berape nak balik. And Nick pun dah text nak jumpe and all.
I kene rush and everything and then something happened and I cried. Maluuu je, sorry Kak Ngah and Mummy! -.-'
Then go to Ampang Point, then Kak Ngah and Natsu beli hp baruu, awww comel je their new hp. so effin jealous la.
Then they send me and I pun on my way balik.
Sampai Seremban, my Nee~chan pick me up and bising bising dalam kereta, hahhaa sorry Nee~chan.
She's going to France nanti, wow lucky oooookkk!!
Then balik meet my adik and all, cite cite, talk talk with my momma and Natsu called.
Since dah tak larat after that I pun bumbum early because on Sunday I have Japanese Class =.='
Owh before that, Kak Ngah I dah add u on MS ok! ahahaha =DD
zzzZZZZZzZzz -backgorund music -*rock`a`bye baby*


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