Cirit or Die!! >.<.

17th June : Location : Fendy's Room

Didnt do much today.
Wake up in the morning and after a few minute of showering, terus siap pergi Anne's && Fendy's drama practice.
LOL funny ok , many many things happened, and they held an audition for a few character in the drama.
Omg so hella funny, the guy with the horse and Fendy's action, I feel like nak pengsan gelak.,

Then we all finished around 6 PM.
Balik rumah terus bumbum, omg so effin tired at that time, but before that I pergi cuci pinggan dulu ok.
Heee =DD

Bangun2 dah malam, terus mandi and all, && start ajar Wawa maths while talking to Zul in ym at the same time.
Owh Wawa is my lil sister. Nanti I show you guys her picture, Heee xDD
LOL xDD Zul told me to die!!!! && I was sulking ohoho.
Then I was conferencing && Kawaii Areeeeeeen in msn.
HOHOHO, main tukar tukar youtube vid!
Check it out!
Funny giler sampai me, Anne and Nee~chan gelak keluar air mate.

yeaah JANGAN! haha
I want a parrot like this, cuteee <333
That's how I reacted when I first watch this.

And then I was chatting with Ammar and Danny, My Twinnie, Heee xDD
Ammar gone, to bed, then me, Danny and Zul were chatting in ym while Areen and Natsu are already off.
Funny as hell, because they were both singing and GAYing with each other, but my mic and speaker rosak.
Like effin shit at that time.
Ahahaha ;D
Then, *jengjengjeng*, something happened, and I can hear EVERYTHING that they were talking about.
Wakakak :D.
At first I was like, "OMG".
They asked me what happened, and I think I just wanna pretend that I still cant hear anything.
LOL sorry Danny && Zul.
Wakaka :D.
OMG Zul nyanyi lagu "Pencinta Wanita" freaking funnyyyy!
Hahaha, because there's Danny name in it.
&& Danny were singing " Rahsia Perempuan " and instead of breath, Danny said ******
Hahaha xDD

Meet my twinnn, Danny. How I love THIS hairstyle. Hahah XDD

Okay sooo, we kept talking, I mean they are while I was just listening and pretending not knowing anything.
Wakaka =D
&& wow, we talked about ******, hahaa how did the subject came out?
Owh wait, it was from me afterall.

Then Danny nyanyi lagu Widuri, omg my dada used to sing that song when I was lil.
Awww <3333
How Nostalgic! Hahaha XD
Then suddenly Danny sang, "Anak kucing dimakan anjing and vavi and bla bla bla "
Then lagu Negaraku kottt!
Hahahaa :DD.

Anyway, we talked until it almost 5 am. && I was a lil afraid that my momma gonna wake up so I went to sleep.
Then suddenly, Lucas called T__T. Haiyaaa it was a freaking early in the morning!
&& he said " I know you're not sleeping yet, talk to me " & I was like " Dang it, Im about to! "
We talked for a few minutes, pooooor my Jubieeeee <333, you !! dont feel so stress sangat ya! Ily <3!

OK so the next morning, I was getting ready to go to KL.
Gonna spend the night at the spa. && I cooked some"Rendang Ayam" for Natsu and her family and some for Sakinah and me aunt =)
Pack pack, then ready to hit the roaaaad~~ weeeeeeee

In the commuter I met this very nice makcik ouhh.

She and her husband keep talking to me, for those who know meh, ya know how much I cant keep my mouth shut aite?

<-- see so lovely la this makcik =)

HOHO and hey check this guy out. Yeah he was sleeping in the LRT, ahahah.
I was wooo, I can see your saliva mister. *keningkening:D:D*

Seriously, I can =), I cant see his face when I took the pic tho.
But then by the time he wake up,his hair is a bit messy so he usap his hair kebelakang, then I saw his face!

I was like, 'OMG, super handsome mister ni seyhhh!' like mmg handsome,
Tak sempat nak amik pic because he kept staring at me, buuuuutt then that's the time when he lap air liur die.
Sumpah jatuh saham =.='
Hahah, xpelah, asalkan uuu cute! LOL XDD

Owh I dah sampai KL anyway, weee =D
Ampang actually, hee sorry kak ngah, sorry Natsu for being late! >.<'''

Anyway, I was effin hungry so makan dekat Taiwan's House, then Kak Ngah pergi gunting rambut.
Weeee, after that, we go to my aunt's spa to bagi rendang to my EFFIN HAWT cousin, Sakinah a.k.a Nekiys <33

<-- Nekiys

&& then makan lagi weyhh because Kak Ngah has this sudden urge mau makan kek! So the three of us go to Secret Recipe.

Yeah this is how we look like BEFORE we dig in.

Excited deshou?

This is us AFTER we ate.

Muak ne? =.=' &&we didnt even finish the ice cream & the shake


But it was nice tho.
Oeeehhhh~ I was IN LOVE with this spoooooon <33333333333

Cute, aite aite xD??

Hoooo, this reminds me , McDonald Ampang Point. Whoever worked there around 10pm( 18th June 09 ) until 5am the next morning memang cam siot perangai.
Well, not all of them la but sorry to say, memang you guys like, ughhh, tak hormat customer at all weyhh. =.='
Yeahh thaaaaaat's right -.-' especially the delivery guys, like , God, dont they have manners?
Ampang Points McD's --->

Well anyway, enough about them, lepaking with Kasz is always fun!
Hahaha padahal baru 2 kali hang out with him.
But still, he's cute ok!

Owh btw, I dah remember who's been missing from my top friend! It's Sky!!!
Yeah, he's my Sky and Im his Mawar.
LOL funny aite? But he's sweeet weyh, first time ingat sumpah mamat ni Chinese, turns out Melayuu kot, mix cam kitekitelaa~

Aaaanyway, on 19th June, me, Natsu, Areeen along with her friend Ayu was invited to go to this private party at The Apartment Restaurant, KLCC.
Hohoho, at first it was okay.
&& then it turns out to be, errr. I dont know how to describe the scene =________________________________='
It was a party, there were boys and there were girls. && there were a few 'Datin" there, like really title Datin ok, was dancing.
The way they were having fun is above than disgusting , sorry to say but Im not the only one who felt that way.
U get the picture.
Well I was out from the party before it gets too "wild"
Waakaka =DD

Im back at my house & today, Anne and Fendy is performing! HOHOHO, sumpah play diorang cam funny giler!
The horse, the King, the Scribe , its all too lawak ok.

But they came in 5th place, sume cam, ' the fuck? '.
Whatever la kan.
Its up to the judges anyway.
Owh && I was hanging out with Puan Rozita todaaaay~
Ahaha her face look just like momma weyhhh <33
Owh && there was these couple of butterflies and they were mating! Ahahaha xD
<--seeeee? wakaka xD
, right at my fingers.

HOHO =DD & time balik, my ex-bf ( Burn ) drove me back home but before that we had a nice Chicken Rice at Hang Li Po's. =)

When I reached home, I was so darn tired and fell asleep.
After that Anne wake me up, she said that we have to go see our teacher performing tonight in a theater play. Darn awesome ok.
Check out the pictures =)

Back from the theater, since we were all so darn hungry, Nee-chan brought us to the place where we always lepaking while waiting for the commuter.
Natsu called and was telling me about her problem.
OMG poor Natsu, ughhh how I wish I could help her =.='

But then when I was eating, someone send me a message, I thought it was my ex-bf Faris, so I didnt really read the message and continue eating.
But then there was a 2nd message, so after I finish washing my hand I picked up the phone and read the messages.
The first was from momma, this is how the message sounded like :

" Dada is on his way to you guys "
I was hella shocked, well we had some issues regarding our night out and our dada's. Private* Heee xDD

&& to my horror, the 2nd message was from momma too and it sounded like this :
" We're nearly there "

There was no time, after showing the messages to my sisters, they all ran like cow from the table, out from the restaurant and zooom to the car.
The WHOLE people at the restaurant were looking at us as if we dont wanna pay for the food and just ran for it.
Nee-chan was holding her breath so she didnt laugh and so was I. Background music *dumdumdum*
After paying, we ended up in the car where I received the 3rd message from momma.

" You guys are safe, I made your dada turned another way "

We were all burst in laughter!
Hahaha after all that huru-hara, we laughed all the way until we finally reached home.

That was all, and my night was complete by hearing Zul's voice in ym =)

OWHHH && BTW, before I wrap this up, when I was on my way back from KL to ********, there's this one guy in the commuter, he was wearing a mask, well the one that the doctors used to wear.
He said he was scared since the virus H1N1 has leaked into our country.
Wow, he really thinks ahead ya?
Maybe I'll do the same? Hahaha =DD Not a BAD idea aite?
Better hurry than sorry =)


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