You're My Everything <33

15th June : Location : Fendy's Room

Okaaay, today pagi pagi momma dah kejut suruh pergi buat rebonding, my hair kan kerinting, bila gunting I looked like lion weyhh =.='
Anyway, then siap siap nak pergi, sampai sane, orang tu belek belek me hair.
Then he told me to duduk senyap senyap dekat kerusi. I pun pergi la.
Panas ok, and its freaking lame ouhh, and I dah bosan, nasib baik Kak Ngah text, hohoho, bosan hangpa na chek takda.
Suddenly Haziq's sister came and put a cup in front of me, and Im thinking, whatever it is in the cup, is it for me or the mamat handsome who do my hair ni?
But I didnt think much tho, I take the cup and just sip the tea in it, woaaah, freaking tawar =.='

. . . . A Few Hours Later . . . .

My hair dah siap, so I pun just go keluar from the saloon.
&& I feel too tired, so when I arrived at home, I just bash the door to Fendy's room and fall asleep.
When I woke up, my haaiiirr =.='. it started to curls back.
I was like, " dang it! I shouldn't have fall asleeep! "
But then the guy at the saloon did mention that if I have any complaints or whatsoever, he'll be there.
Just come to the saloon.
So maybe I'll come by to say hi to him, & tell him about this hair of mine.

Well moving onnn!
Momma cooks a very delicious chicken soup today. Awww I love her cooking! <3333333
&& Nee~chan was complaining about my hair, she said it was a waste because she can get it for RM50.
I was like, " woaaah for real? where?" and then she said " Sunway ".
Aiyooo, biar betol, last time I go Sunway , Miroru said trainee pun dah RM100++
Plus, my hair dah la panjang, and the guy at the saloon tadi pun sudah potong a bit short =.='

Owh and before that, there's this english guy, teenager macam kita kita lahh.
Ahahhaa, he was talking in Malay, chotto, more like in Bahasa Indonesia, yeah thaaat's right.
Because if you look into it, there's no Bahasa Malaysia, but there is Bahasa Indonesia.
OK so,OMG, very fluent ok!
He said, our bahasa is indah, beautiful and easy.
He seems to liked it very much.
UNLIKE some people I know, baru tinggal luar negara berapa tahun balik dah dunno how to speak Malay.
&& some terus tamo cakap BM langsung!
What? Hina sangat ke Bahasa Malaysia ni? Come on, dont be like Mat Salleh celup la weyhh.
Padahal orang Mat Salleh punye bukan main suka cakap BM kottt.
*sigh* Whaaaaat la these people =.='
Yeah siape yang terasa lantak ko la ;) Weeeee xDD

Wow tonight im soo freaking happy <333.
Zul, my vampoyo menyanyi for me tadi, omg how sweeeeeeet.
First lagu Fall For You, then lagu Full House tuh, and then You're My Everything.
Hahaha pastu sesat pulak lagu raya! wakakka =DD
&& banyak la jugak lagu die nyanyi, and then my fav song! lagu I Dont Wanna Miss A Thing, Aerosmith, I minat giler lagu tu, betul tak Baby?
I know you minat gak weyhh ko jangan bohong! hahah.teringat pulak time I & Baby masuk ladies kat S'ban Parade, nyanyi nyanyi lagu tuh then suddenly keluar betul betul.
Omg that time felt really good la. ahaha xDD

My Vampoyo Guy <33>

Now Im still talking to my zul guy ni.
&& awww suddenly Anne told me that they didnt need a DJ for their drama so whatever, looks like Imma be free on Saturday.
Haha xDD So we all like lepaking right now, & Im writing blog and talking to vampoyo at the same time.
And was singing, omg my voice so effin annoying ler =.='
Now Anne pasang lagu Lord of The Ring pulak.

Owh if you were wondering who's Anne is, here.
Anne, she's my lil sister, 17 , beautiful and taken =D

And Fendy is the older brother of my lil sister, ( pening? phm2 la sendiri )
Fendy, he's 17 too, handsome and taken =D Heee =DD

Anne&& Fendy is really active in drama play, & they have won many awards in drama competitions.

LOL suddenly I teringat at my dada's reaction this evening, he saw what I did to my hair, && was like.
" Atikah, what happened to your hair? It used to be curly. "
Then Anne said " Ala its ok la dada, her hair dah macam too curly since she cut it "
And I thought my dada is gonna be mad but then he said " But that's not my product, its like I dont know you anymore, haha " yeah he's lauhing.
LOL xDD and I was like, " Hahah come one dada "

Aaaanyway, tadi time Zul nynyi suddenly my momma came and I was like, "Owh, hye momma , Zul, say HI to my momma! "
Hahaha Zul thought I was kidding, aite aite? XDD Momma said your voice is really good la hunn bunn , cheeehht perasan dah.
And Colthren was showing me Joe Jonas vid, im not into Jonas Brother btw, but it was funny. ahahaha.
Here, you be the judge , .
Sorry to all Joe Jonas fans, but he seems gay, sorry.
Almost 3 AM and Im still talking to Zul =)
Heeee xxxx sweeet la die weyhh.

Owh I was browsing through my picture album here on my laptop, and I found this guy, haha cant see his face but he's cute!
I met him at Bandar Tasik Selatan Station, hohoho, selambe adap je snap pic orang.
Heee xDD ---->

Ahaha Im having problem creating templates for my blog, haiyaaa =.='
You're no help at all la Zul!
Awww Zul gotta go now, waaah jangan lupa kirim salam pada abang yang I cakap tu ya Zul ! Heeee xxp

&& Im on myspace suddenly I misses Mim. AHAHAA =D

Owh Mim! <33

Wow Colthren gave meh this website, its like a virtual tarot card game, try it, heee xDD
But actually, its ALL a lie so dont bother. LOL

And now suddenly tadi kat myspace, there's a guy name Akmal say hi to me ;)
<-- Cute aite? XD
&& I was like, haeee, macam kenal, bukak pic and I terkejut giler, I terus macam " OMG ITS HIMMM!! "
Ahhaa well actually, I kenal die dulu dulu like biase biase aja deyh.
Then suddenly he went missing, at that time im not bothered enough la.
When Jiya kenalkan I with this one hairstylist guy, I terus teringat Akmal because he's a hairstylist too, and a cuteee one too =)
Then balik rumah terus bukak myspace, and cari Akmal, but that time name die pun I dah tak ingat, cari cari dalam friend list terus tak jumpa meh.
And dengan selambenyer I pun letakla kat status : ' Im looking for someone who's a hairstylist from Kedah, If you know him or if you ARE him please talk to mehh! Cant remember your name tho heee sorry ;pp ".
LOL semangat giler nak cari, but then sume macam " whooo, bf hang ka? ", "for what car die? " haiya so sibuk ler these people =.='
Anyway since dah jumpe balik this guy memang bersyukur giler ouhh.
Ouh and Akmal pulak since taknak I susah susah cari die lagi terus bagi num die, like awww so sweeeet la you dear.
Ahaha now I think like Im tired la, so Imma sleep now, Nunyte!


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