The Drama =.='

14th June : Location : My Room, correction, Fendy's Room

Hahaha check out Natsu (up) and her bf, Fazz's (down) pose, same aite? XD

It was like early in the morning that my momma wake me up.
Because I have a photoshoot ( padahal nak snap pic kat Giant je, wakkakaa XDD ) and Japanese Class.
So pagi pagi bangun and terus goooooooooooooom masuk bathroom and mandi.
Siap siap pergi then nasib baik momma reminds me my Japanese exBook, if not, my sensei sure pissed off, wait, naaaaah, maybe not.
Ahaha then arrived at Giant, buy this and that and go to here and there and then send me to class.

Joey dah sampai dulu, OMG her face, I just cant believe she's 14!!
Muke comel and more matured than meh, I was like, " kawaiiiii nye la ini budak " btw, sorry i dont know how to spell your name.
So then me and Mahasri, (she's my classmate, 31, married to a chinese guy and have a helllllla cute daughter, like sumpah cute ok ) masuk kelas.
Sensei already in classroom 3, so we all take our seats and sensei said " Hajimemasho ka? " and we were all like, " Haiiiii, dozo "
And there's a new member masuk, a girl, and sit beside Joey, then Ryon ( i think that's his name ) turn up a bit late and sit behind her la.
Class starts and all gelak and lawak and write everything at the board down.

My Japanese wriBook, so messy la my handwritting =.='

. . . . . 3 Hours Later . . . . .

Kelas dah habis and I pun naik kereta with Nee~Chan and Fendy pick me up.
Nee~chan has this sudden urge nak makan goreng pisang, so Fendy beli goreng pisang kat Fresco, sedappppnye la and it reminds me a LOT of goreng pisang yang selalu jual dekat belakang TBS.
Very different ok, and the person who sell the goreng pisang kat belakang TBS tu pun dah tak nampak lagi dah.
Then balik suddenly my head pening and when I lay down at the sofa, my head feeels so sakit.
Imagine this, a 500ml bottle and there's a 400ml water in it, shake it, the bottle is my head and the water is my brain.
That's how I feel at that time.
Terus like nak pengsan and masuk bilik terus zzZZZZZZZzZzZ~~~
And then bangun because Natsu called, and sambung bumbum balik, Anne pulaaak masuk bilik and talk talk with her friend about their drama competition this Saturday.
SO BISING la you guys, terus cant sleep.
And suddenly they suggested me to be a part in their drama, I mean, just be the DJ, lol XDD
Because everytime we have a drama competition, IM THE ONLY DJ's who can do it. Wait, more like, IM THE ONLY DJ in my school =.='. wtv.
So Fika talked to me on the phone and I pun, "oklaaa, but everyone must pay RM 10 to me ahh,.......ok ok RM1 pun jadi laa" hahaha.
Then ym~ing with Natsu, Jiejie, and a few people.
Watch vids, btw check out Boa- Eat U Up, dude I LOVE her =))
And Benjamin suddenly pm meh, cerita pasal him and Diana and all, what la, you think I nak tahu sangat ke weyhh?
What? You sakit hati I break up dengan you? So you pun send la vid you and Diana kissing kissing, like I nak jealous ke ? =.='
And we all know how Diana looks like =).
Ben dah la tinggi, putih, and kurus, and ehem, Diana is the exact opposite. =].

&& here is Ben =) Shocked Benny? Yeah me too. LOL XDD

No, dont make that face in front of me, you dont know them.
OF course you guys will say, " alah biarlah dia dah ade gf lain, you nak jealous ke appe? "
Like dude, I know them and you dont so sushh baby =).
& ouhh Diana,,,, im not gonna take Ben away from you, like HELLO, Im the one who GIVE him to you.
And Baby was there when we were breaking up, thanks Baby! If not, I dont know la what to say to this guy. Ahahha.
So Diana, dont be such a fat bitch and fuck off from my life will ya , *winkwink*
SLUT, YOU AND HER GO TOGETHER VERY WELL BEN =)) <-- IOU Baby, for this one. hahha <333

& now suddenly Lucas JuChong Anderson pulak.
Awww its a good thing that thing's work out very well between us.
I mean, Im letting him go because he'll find other girls in Egypt nanti.
So I just dont want him to terikat dengan I, & 4 or maybe 5 years la pulaaak.
& Lucas pulak tamo break up, like come on la Lucas sayang, I still LOVE you ok, just that I think you macam abang, ya know how our relationship used to be aite?
Carol must be pretty pissed off if she knew about this ouhh, ahaha sorry Carol! <333
But then we break up jugak, Lucas balik Malaysia, cakap dont want to see me, I feel like crying at that time, & kinda like told Naddy almost everything.
Ahahha sorry Naddyyyy! Susahkan you sebab I bebel. wakakkaa =DD.
Tapi now me && Lucas dah ok, because we still love each other, aite aite Lucas, I mean Jubiee, LOLLLLL XDD? <333 kisses*

Ouhh now suddenly I teringat pulak at someone's who used to be mine.
HAHA Amin Azlan, ring a bell anyone?
Yeahh right Natsu, yang the guy macam Korean tuh.
Like come on la Min, dont be sombong lah. I text tak reply, reply pun macam tak nak.
&& bile congrats him because ade gf baru pun didnt say thank you, what la this guy.
I feel like I macam menyibuk, or maybe that's how he feels like aite?
" Ehh Kim nih, sibuk je kaco aku, lantak la kau " <--- just imagine aja wakakkkaa :DD
Whatever, be happy with ILLY mister.

BTW, someone is missing from my top friend, and I cant find that person.
OMG I feel so resah niiii :(.
I miss my cousin Baby, ouhh pergi Fraser Hill naik kuda xajak Kim, lantak la kau, tak jalan kuda tu, padan muke!
&& I miss Jubieeeee, Waniey bie, Jiejie, Natsu, Fazz, Kak Ngah, Andrew, Allen and ramai lagi ler, nak taip dah 3 line nanti =.='.Hohoho.
Well nanti nanti je la I update lagi. Nunyte!


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