Pokka Pokka Pookkaaa !

23rd June : Location : Fendy's Room

*yawnn* Akhhh, didnt do much yesterday, or today.
Just having a nice normal day, like
UNusual =__='

Owh, I had durians yesterday, Daaaaaang it they taste O-some!!! =))
Hahaha, and at night, well had a nice long chat with Zul, yes, its the Vampoyo guy ;p
I HATE to say this but wow, this guy got talent dudeee, check this out :

Cute aite? Zul draw this =)

Owh sushhh =.=' Idk why, but I <3>
Owh yeahh, I knowww ! He's good at PICTURING HIMSELF aite?! XD

The words tells everything ? LOL =)

Seee his stuffs? Good one right?
Owh && I was webcamming with few peoples last night .
Hee :D
But it was a kinda . . . . . . =.='
Only Zul knows. && Jubiee too of course. LOL xD

&& before I went to bed last night, there was this.. bug? I guess?
Yeah hentam je lah, it was kinda cute so I took a pic of it =)

Cuteee buggg <33

Okay soo today *sriiip-drinking Soya Bean* , today me, momma && my gramps went shopping for my gramps new wedding baju.
Yeah, my grandmama is getting married guyyyysss! Dont cry ne ne ^^
Anywaysss, we went to Zulda Masri, along with her new future husband.
Owh GOD, even I dont take this LONG to find some new baju =.='
It was hella tiring, & the sale assistants was looking at me like Im some kind of beggar, and I wont tell you why is that.
I was freaking thirsty, so I asked momma for RM3 to kill this thirst of fluiiiid in my throat!
I went to the store nearby and found nothing that suits my taste.
&& so I go to the back of the .. err, peti sejuk and TA-DA!

I founnnnddddd... POKKA GREEN TEAAAA
My fav drink of all time =]]
I was so happy I nearly scream at the store =.='

<-- This , saves my life from the fatal thirst :p

Well anyway, after paying for the drink I went back to the kedai baju that my family was shopping-ing.
&& then I took the bottle of life and drink to my heart contents =D

Grandmama was still looking for her baju.
Nothing suits her taste . Adeyhh. I was so penat, even so, I stood there with my gramps bag on my left, the bottle of life on my right, the face of sudden fresh and tired at the same time looking like some kind of idiot =.='

After pulling myself together, I step into the store, wondering alone with all the clothes that I dont think I'll ever wear.
And while looking around, I stumbled upon this :

Haha, hawt right? I wonder what's Lucas size? o__O!! Ouchh! That's hurt Jubiiieee! Grrrr~

LOL, the guy at the store was looking at me and I was like, " err, what? It was for my brother, geez "
Haha xD

Anyway, my future grandpapa was looking rather bored =.=' and so was I.
I still look through some of the clothes tho, and I found some freaking mahal telekung!

Check out the price~ RM225.50 =.=' & that's just for the body. Adeyh so mahal, if tak masuk syurga jugak tatawu lah nak cakap appe .

Ahaha sorry bad jokes.
Anyway after a few more long dragging hours, finally! They've done!
My face was brighten up with the news~
After a while, we were berborak borak with our new, I mean soon to be grandpapa while grandmama has fallen asleep.

The road was very clear along the way back, but then suddenly " SREEEEETTTT!! " a cow passed by.
Ya Allah, my jantung went *dumdumdum* at that time.
So takut kene langgar, sah kemek lagi kereta. Haha =D.

Where it happens, on my way back to our home -->

After finnaly reached home, I went to the peti sejuk at the kitchen and took out my Mango Sticky Rice which momma bought for me this morning.
How I've been craving for this mouthful dessert for a longgg time now.

Gotta do some art before I eat. Haha. What's written on the tissue was ' Kim's Happy M.S.R =) '.
M.S.R that stands for Mango Sticky Rice. Hahha.
Notes : Do not play with your food =)
Dont let this piece of incredible art fools you, the taste of this dessert is to die for!

Tonight I watched The Lion King.
Awww how I Loved that Movie a lottt <333
I've always like this kind of movie. Tarzan, Lion King I & II, Mulan just name it. They successfully touched my heart , deeply =)

And ughhh I want top upppp!!

Nak call Akmal and SKYYY!
I Miss Sky macam orang gila niiieyhh! =.='
I think Imma go to sleep now.
Got a 'date' tomorrow =) Hahaha.
Music ♫♫ : Gommen ne Juliet - by Yamapi <33


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