One true love <3

25th June : Location : Anne's Room.

a ROSE in the SKY

He said it! What should I do? Accept or . . . .?
I don't know . But I know that Im happy, Im very happy. =]

To have someone like him to love me, eventho Im not purr~fect, eventho Im not pretty, eventho Im not rich, eventho I dont have anything, ( besides my handphone and HP Mini Handheld Laptop, lol xD )
Im happy, but. . . Im sorry _ _ _, I really am.
I just cant accept you, or anyone else right now.

Truth to tell,

Im afraid of being in relationship.
Im afraid that the promises made will be broken someday.
Im afraid if everything that person feels about me will soon fade.

Im afraid I will lose him.
Im afraid of being left alone , again.

What if the same thing happen to me?
Last time it happened, I almost lose myself.

Satoshi.. Satoshiiiii...

I need youu *crying*

Where are you?

Why do you have to leave me?

Why do you have to go out that day?

Every second , every minute, every hours, I've waited for you, but still. . . you are not there.

Why do YOU have take him away God?

Why does it have to be
that day, that time?
When I've finally made up my mind to say "Yes"

Why cant you wait?

There's not one minute passed when I dont think about you.

Sure, people will see me laugh, they'll see me happy, they'll see me smile.

But I'll do it for you. *crying*

You are the most purr~fect guy I've ever had.

Everything you do, everything you said, makes me wanna love you even more.
Even when you're not here any longer, I'll have you , always, in my heart.

I love it when you call me after we have a big fight.

I love it when I say " let's not fight anymore " and you agree to it eventho you know after an hour later. . .

I love it when you apologized over something that is actually my fault.

I love it even more when you said " I miss you "

&& Im dying to hear the words " I love you " coming out from your mouth.

I love it when I cant sleep during the night without hearing your husky's voice.

I love it when you said " Stop crying Yuki! Why are you so sensitive? "

I love it when you and me were having a date on Cr, behind Hizumi's back .

& I love it when you have Yuko to cover it up for us.

I love it when you send me those Korean dramas video clips just for me eventho you're Japanese =).

I love it when you sing me The KunKun song.
And I can hear you breathing hardly because you were dancing.

I love it when I LOVE YOU Satoshi. Although time passes, I still do.

You're the person"living" in my heart,
&& the one person I treasure the most,
You're the love that I've always dreamed of,
Thank you Satoshi, for this happiness that you've given me,
For making this memory that I will have,
Till the day I close my eyes. . . I love you a lot. . I love you forever. . .
Muzukashi desu. . .
Demo, Aita kute. . . Aishiteru yo. . Zutto. . Itsumademo. Satoshi<33


helen said...

it has reminded my sad lullaby. why two person cannot have the determination suceed the promise..

Tara Kim said...

what can i say jie? it's all in God hands

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