My Best Internet Friend Forever, Jamie Sykes - I Love You Mannn


I found this on my bed when I woke up this morning =____=' Yeah it is a freaking salamander. Just a baby tho. Chett .

Owh and one more, Happy Birthday to Danny and Keem !
I love you guys and I wish both of you the best from the best , yoshh, fighto-OH!

Ughh neway, I dont think I know what to write here. I need to finish up my stories, which, has been in chapter 5 for over, 4 months now.

Im such a lazybum =__='

Coincidence? I dont think so.

Ughh its 4th July tomorrow!
Syakira ade cheer comp~ weeee xD
Gonna be a along day ahead I guess, and with that, I end my blog for today.

Sorry these days Im a bit, lazy sikit. So tulis pun like . . . zombi.
Anyway, I'll be back with more new interesting stuffs, hahaa, I guess.
Life is a drama, anything can happen.
So, well, err, nunyte?
*singing JangNaRa - SweetDreams *


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