4th July 2009 : Location : My Room

&&&&& only a retarded person would say that. x)
IA3 is an effin funny movie with a nice plot.
Watched it , love it, && I want moreeee!
I just cant get enough of Sid's action. LOL x)

Owh wait, before that . . . .

Yeah, Cheerleading Competition.
Who pergi at that time? Hahha x) I <33 the Pirates!! I want moreee from them!
Rawrr! x)

Not much of a crowd but bolehlaa. Haha

Owh BTW, Baby, sabar je laa ngan ehem2 ok.
Kau kene paham, orang nak masuk tv mmg macam tu =.='
Haha x))

All in all, I have a blast day with Baby, eventho banyak kali MakNgah called .
Hohohoo, like ala, kite cari ATM je.
&& thanks for spending time with me.
ILY Lovely Cousin. Zutto <3


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