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Location : Iwah's room
05th April 2010

How am I doing these days? -sigh-
I dont even know.
My hp is being a fucktard ( perhaps it is the grand calling of LG Chocolate ) and now sleeping is my new sex.
It's like I dont have a life anymore, I think I've crossed the imaginary line of the normal college student's life.. -____-'
Somehow I feel like a sinner.. lol.

Well anyway, since holidays is gonna end soon, I really hope that I can have a REALLY good time.
Like hanging out with Muh Woogly, the friends, the loveflies, the family, the kiddos..
ahh fark, saya rindu mereka wtf-sangat-banyak! >.<''


NadTsuki ZainRah said...

hahaha! comel je ur post ni. creative sesungguh-sungguh nye~ pls update more post!

Tara Kim said...

lol.. perli ka naatsu?! gahah :D
thanks lovefly :D

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