It's been a while =)

18th Sept 2009 : Location : Library

Wow, this place is..dead =.='
Lol, well it's been a while since I tulis anything in my blog. I thought of leaving it like that je.
But after much persuasion from Baby, Jiejie, Natsu, Rei, Khai, Lucas and whoever else, I decided to write back here.

I'd be lying if I say I didn't miss my blog. Haha whatever la kan.
Had a veeeery long month of puasa. But it was greaaaat! Mane taknye right? Everyday puasa dapat duit, bangun sahur dapat duit.
Lol. Owh dont get me wrong here. I didnt do it because of money thank you, I do it because it's my responsibility as a Muslim.

Owh bleeeeh, forgot to tell, my handphone hilang when I was on my way back from Bon Odori.
Haihh =.=' geram seyh.. But when I told Lucas, he thought I was lying, what for la you dumdum -.-

Anyway, how's your day everyone? Haha drop me a comment if rajin. Wakaka xD

I had a blast time with Jiejie this week, must do it again right Jie?! <3
If we go to Gasoline again, Imma try my best to finish the soda, and bring sweater because it's effin cold there -.-'
But eh, who careeeees? The guys are! Haha

Owh I found this one website called err.. well Imma keep it a secret.
Hahah, it was a short erotic story! And it was going dangerous -.-'
And Fendy showed me a few songs by Cicak Kobain.
WTF? Hahah search for it in youtube and ..enjoooy , I mean it =)

There's only a day left before Raya.
I hope this time it won't turn out so bad.

p.s : congrats Kak Ngah <3

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